A.F.A.S (Advanced Flooding Alert Service)

Eco Wave Dynamis

Protection for Citizens

Connection of the device to the

European emergency number 112


Our main concern is the protection and safety of citizens. That’s why we made sure that our device can be connected to the European emergency number 112 in case of flooding in a certain area. Our first thought was that if there is heavy rainfall in an area, citizens will make sure they are in a protected area.


It is difficult or impossible for citizens to know when the water level rises dangerously high enough to call 112 or the fire brigade and ask for help. And when that happens, unfortunately, it is already too late to prevent the timely evacuation of citizens from an area. Therefore, we have ensured that we do not wait for the citizen himself to call 112, but through the same number the device informs citizens about the possible flooding and their timely evacuation, and they receive CBS and SMS alerts through the General Secretariat for Civil Protection.