Daedalus W.E.C (Wave Energy Converter)

The Ultimate source of Infinite Energy

Daedalus Wave Power

Consists of a small system that converts wave energy into electricity and can be placed on any coastline and meet the “green” electricity needs of seaside homes, hotels, and other seaside establishments on one hand or that can be scaled up to larger grid connected installations.

Daedalus technology is based on the operating principle of the free gyroscope. Using a lever, a floater is connected to the gyroscopic mechanism, which converts the free motion of the floater into rotational motion. This solution allows EWD to harvest energy from waves independent of their direction.

Our aim is to provide a small, modular system for small seaside power demand that can be scaled up if required. Our clients will enjoy a clean, cheap and endless source of energy.

Our solution was designed having in mind high generating efficiency and low manufacturing costs.

High product differentiation:

The concept of using a gyroscope as an omnidirectional wave generator system to achieve maximum possible efficiency.

We also combine the vision of the small, easy to build and deploy power generators with the scalability of large generator parks, instead of most of the existing projects based in huge costly structures.

This makes Daedalus an optimistic new approach for the industry.


 Low investments:

Most parts of the investments have already been done over the last 10 years. They consist of the consultancy engineering time, calculations, building a small scale prototype and a big scale prototype ready to install in Ikaria, Greece.

EWD values the effort put into achieving our results around 10.000.000€ mark.


Advantages of the Daedalus mechanism:


  • It’s deployment can be scaled according to the energy needs of the customer and can meet power requirements from 0.5 kW to 100 kW or more (subject to conditions and deployment area).
  • Simple design with low maintenance requirements.
  • Guaranteed smooth operation, even in the most adverse weather conditions.
  • Ongoing support from EWD
  • Long service life.
  • Easy removal from the sea if necessary (maintenance, storage when not in use).


Possible applications of “Daedalus”


  • For seaside residences with low or zero carbon footprint aspiration, for which demand from the tourism and real estate markets is expected to increase in the coming years.
  • Meeting part of the electricity needs of coastal hotels or campsites
  • Electric lighting in marinas or coastal roads
  • Operation of pumps to replenish water in a swimming pool or for continuous water supply to fish farms
  • It can contribute creating sustainable stations for electric cars
  • Energy autonomy of sea bouys. Reducing or replacing the costly batteries that are used today
  • Water desalination
  • Renewable energy source for the electricity grid
  • Larger deployments will increase protection against costal erosion in wave travel direction.
  • Energy autonomy of equipment for recording and transmitting marine scientific data in low-sun areas