Eco Wave Dynamis technology

Wave power is the way forward

At Eco Wave Dynamis, we face the sea not with fear, but with utmost respect. This is why we dared and managed to create an innovative mechanism that converts wave power into pure electrical power.


This pioneering mechanism has been designed to be more efficient in comparison with other sea wave power systems, and to have the lowest possible construction cost. It has been created after a long period of continuous research, that was conducted in real sea conditions and not in test tanks with artificial waves, where we sought to gain a deep understanding of the vast power potential of the waves.


We named our system “Daedalus”, inspired by the ingenuity of this mythical inventor and polymath.

How does the system convert wave power into electricity?

Its technology is based on the operating principle of the free gyroscope, namely on the operation of a gyroscope rotor with freedom of rotation of its three axes. By means of a rugged lever, the floater is connected to the gyroscopic mechanism, which converts the free motion of the floater into rotational motion.

The 5 main advantages of the system

The Eco Wave Dynamis system has significant advantages that make it especially innovative:

The floater follows whichever direction the wave has, allowing the system to utilize both the potential energy and the kinetic energy of the wave in the maximum degree possible. This is contrary to existing systems which only perform a limited rising and diving motion that does not allow maximum utilization of the total energy of the wave.

It is the only wave power converter in the world that measures the wave height with centimeter precision – by implementing the ancient Greek Pythagorean Theorem. And this is how we are able to understand and harness the vast and untamed energy potential of the waves.

The construction design of the system takes into account the hydrostatic forces, as well as the bending moments and sears forces. This is why we can guarantee that it will function properly even in the most adverse weather conditions.

Thanks to its simplicity, the system is especially ergonomic and reliable, in order to be a certain source of profit for investors.

The floater has a bulbous shape, in order to absorb and minimize the impact forces from the waves.

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