Electric propulsion systems

The future of electrification is here!

The shift to electrification isn’t just a passing trend of our time. It is a strategic move towards reducing carbon dioxide emissions and widely implementing eco-friendly practices, which have become a vital need in today’s world.

This strategy does not aim only in the automotive industry, which is already developing zero emissions vehicles, but also in the commercial air transport and shipping industry.

The first steps towards sustainable shipping have already been made, as electrification has been successfully applied in some types of vessels (submarines, cruise ships) through the use of electric propulsion systems.

At Eco Wave Dynamis, we contribute to the move towards sustainable transport through the design and sale of electric propulsion systems for installation on small private boats.

Το μέλλον στην ηλεκτροκίνηση είναι εδώ

Designing &implementing an electric propulsion system on a boat – How it’s done

After extensive research, that originated from the need to implement electrification on our own boats, we have formulated an electric propulsion set whose characteristics can be adapted to the client’s specifications.


We can conduct a complete engineering implementation study, taking into account the displacement and length of the boat, the desired power output and the required hours of autonomous function. At the conclusion of the study, we include a proposal for the equipment combination that best meets your needs, providing all the necessary components (batteries, motors, solar panels etc.)

Advantages of the Azimuth Thruster electric propulsion set

The great advantage of the Azimuth Thruster set over other electric propulsion systems is that it can be fitted directly on the z-drive, without the need for shafts, reverse gearboxes and directional systems.


The Azimuth Thruster set is installed with the least possible cost. Additionally, it provides flexibility, by enabling the easy replacement of components in case you need more or less power. This is not possible with fixed systems.


Moreover, a solar panel can also be included in the set, thus minimizing the consumption of electrical power for recharging the battery.

σετ ηλεκτρικής πρόωσης Azimuth Thruster

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