A.T.A.S (Advanced Tsunami Alert Service)

Pioneering Tsunami Measurement System: ATAS (Advanced Tsunami Alert Service)

By placing instruments for the exact measurement of the tsunami’s height and level in areas struck by tsunamis in the past, we can record — in real time — important data and understand the properties of this phenomenon.

For that reason, Eco Wave Dynamis has developed a pioneering measurement and alert service: ATAS – Advanced Tsunami Alert Service. It can also be connected to 112, the European Emergency Number.

Eco Wave Dynamis Application

Transmission of weather conditions will take place wirelessly, in real time, via the specially designed online platform Eco Wave Dynamis Application. Thus, app users will have direct access, 24 hours a day, to the following:

  • the height of sea waves
  • data on the sea waves creating tsunamis
  • data on tidal waves
  • alerts for high water levels
  • data on swells, waves that are not due to any weather phenomena in the period being monitored
  • measurement of the levels of rivers, lakes, rain, snow, etc.

It can be installed at any point that comes into contact with waves, from ships and technical installations (e.g. piers, prefabricated blocks) to the beach.

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Dimitrios Lygeris

A.T.A.S System. Photos by Port of Agios Kirikos, Ikaria – Greece