Wave height measuring device – Eco Wave Dynamis Application

The Application

The Eco Wave Dynamis Application

The transmission of weather condition information is done in real time and wirelessly, through a specially designed web application: the Eco Wave Dynamis Application. This ensures that users of the application will be able to have immediate and 24/7 access to the following measurements:

  • sea wave height
  • information about sea waves that make a tsunami
  • information about tidal waves
  • warnings about high water levels
  • information about sea swell, namely waves that are not generated by weather events at the time of observation
  • level measurements for rivers, lakes, rainfall, snowfall, etc.

Installation can take place at any point from the waves, from ships and technical installations (eg jetties, prefabricated blocks) to the coast.

Eco Wave Dynamis Application

It is impossible to tame the waves.

We can, however, predict their ways. Now with greater accuracy than ever before!

At Eco Wave Dynamis we have designed an innovative wave height measuring device that was awarded a patent by the Industrial Property Organisation. The device provides much needed solutions that can be very helpful for navigation, leisure, sea sports, swimming, etc.

Η λύση στην αδυναμία πρόβλεψης κυματισμού

The solution that makes wave height prediction possible

The wave height values included in weather reports are always approximations, made with calculations based on wind speed. Therefore, in the case of very high waves, these predictions are mere warnings and do not provide accurate information about wave activity.

The wave measuring device designed by Eco Wave Dynamis provides all necessary measurement information to those directly concerned, like port authorities, merchant navy, naval forces, as well as individuals that might be interested in the results of such measurements.

It can be installed at any location where waves crash, from ships and technical facilities (e.g. piers, prefabricated tetrapodes) to shores.

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