The power of the myth

The myth that inspired us to create Eco Wave Dynamis

“Ingenious Daedalus is imprisoned in Crete with his son, Icarus; and he is constantly searching for a solution. He is searching for the power that will set them free. He knows very well that the solution is within him. In his reasoning. That’s all he’s got. The power of thought and the power of nature, that no king can tame. That no worldly authority can control. He calculates the power of the wind. Measuring its force again and again. Its direction. Its push. He constructs wings. With effort and persistence. Constantly observing. Adjusting. Reconstructing. Never giving up, no matter how unrealistic his plan may seem. And they finally fly. Making wind their most powerful weapon. It is the first time it saves humans.


But not for too long. Because another enormous force is at play. The sea! Young Icarus gets the chance to confront her only when it is already too late. He is lost in her depths, under a blanket of waves. Only the mighty Hercules will manage to recover his dead body and bury it on the island that would forever carry the young man’s name. On Icaria.”

the power of myth Eco Wave Dynamis
Η Σύγχρονη Πρόκληση

The Contemporary Challenge

When we first set out on our journey, we often wondered how would we manage to confront the power of the sea. How could we tame the might of her waves? Can we calculate it?
The answer is yes! With reasoning. By constructing wings of a different kind. With lots of effort and persistence, we finally did it!


Even though we are in the beginning of our journey, we are determined to never veer off course for any reason. A ship with a skilled captain and good crew will always travel and arrive at its destination, in any weather. And whatever the case, we are not afraid of waves. They come to us only to give, and we are ready to gladly accept their gifts.