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At EcoWaveDynamis we believe in you

The human factor plays a decisive part in the evolution and progress of a company. Our company is expanding rapidly and we are looking for professionals suitable for our team. If you are a committed, innovative and passionate professional who would like to contribute to the success of Eco Wave Dynamis, or if you are interested in preparing your master’s thesis in the alternative energy sources sector, you can contact us at Currently we are looking for:


  • Electrical Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers

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Researcher support

To us, knowledge is power, and we want to share this power with you

Over the course of our journey, from conceiving the initial idea and acquiring the patent to implementing our project, we have been confronted with many challenges. At times, the difficulties and obstacles in our path seemed impossible to overcome. But we managed to achieve our goals with continuous work, lots of research and repeated testing of our methods. And the essence of this procedure is all the valuable knowledge and experience we gained.

There have been many times when we thought how helpful it would have been if, from the very beginning, we had had at our disposal all this knowledge or the advice of an expert that had already been through this process. This is how we got the idea of a “Researcher support” service.


Regardless of the stage your research project is in, we will be by your side to help with the engineering study, share our expertise, offer advice, and help any engineering project pass into the implementation stage as soon as possible.

Our team consists of highly experienced engineers thriving in the mechanical, electrical, computer and shipbuilding sectors.

Copyright protection

For best protection of the intellectual property rights related to your project, you are covered by a confidentiality agreement (NDA), that you will sign with our company.

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