Smart Hybrid Energy System – S.H.E.S.

The Smart Hybrid Energy System (SHES) is designed to maximize the potential of renewable energy sources, including solar, wind, and ocean wave power.»

In our quest for sustainable energy solutions, we encounter a critical aspect of renewable systems: their dependency on fluctuating natural resources. This reliance poses a challenge to the consistent production of power. Additionally, ensuring a stable electrical supply to our networks often necessitates the use of internal combustion engine generators.

EWD is addressing these concerns through its patented Smart Hybrid Energy System (SHES). As a game changer, SHES aims to revolutionize howwe approach energy generation and distribution. This innovative system offers a promising solution to the intermittent nature of renewable sources.

How SHES Works:

The Smart Hybrid Energy System (SHES) is designed to maximize the potential of renewable energy sources, including solar, wind, and ocean wave power. Let’s take a closer look at its key functions:

  • Resource Utilization: SHES harnesses energy from various renewable sources. Solar panels capture sunlight, wind turbines harness wind energy, and wave energy converters tap into the power of ocean waves.
  • Energy Storage with Compressed Air: One of SHES’s distinctive features is its use of compressed air chambers as energy storage units. When there is an excess of energy, such as on particularly sunny or windy days, surplus energy is used to compress air, which is then stored in these chambers.
  • On-Demand Power Generation: SHES excels in providing power on demand, ensuring a stable energy supply even when renewable resources are limited. When energy demand exceeds what’s immediately available from renewable sources, the compressed air is released to power generators.
  • The Volan System: At the heart of SHES lies the Volan system. This ingenious mechanism involves a motor-driven flywheel that operates in tandem with a generator. The compressed air, when released, powers the motor, setting the flywheel in motion. This rotational energy is then converted back into electrical power by the generator.
  • Consistent Output: The Volan system, with its flywheel-based motor-generator setup, plays a pivotal role in ensuring a consistent and stable electrical output. The flywheel stores kinetic energy, acting as a buffer to smooth out any fluctuations in the power supply. This results in a reliable and continuous electrical flow, akin to conventional power generation methods.

Integration of Artificial Inteligence

The Smart Hybrid Energy System (SHES) leverages advanced Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) algorithms to enhance its operational efficiency and responsiveness. This integration encompasses two critical functions:

  • Predictive Energy Forecasting and Dynamic Energy Management: A.I. algorithms analyze historical data, weather patterns, and energy demand trends to predict when renewable energy sources will be most abundant. Simultaneously, the system continuously monitors energy production, consumption, and storage levels in real time. This allows for dynamic adjustments, optimizing the utilization of renewable resources and managing the release of compressed air for power generation.
  • Real-Time Insights and Alerts: The A.I. system provides crucial real-time notifications and insights. For instance, it can promptly inform operators of low stored power levels or predict potential reductions in output based on forecasted conditions. This proactive information empowers operators to make timely decisions to ensure a consistent and reliable energy supply.

This integrated A.I. capability not only enhances the efficiency of SHES but also contributes to its adaptability in varying environmental conditions and energy demand scenarios. It represents a significant step towards a more intelligent and sustainable energy generation system.

Making renewable energy available round-the-clock

The Smart Hybrid Energy System (SHES) represents a significant leap forward in our pursuit of sustainable and reliable energy generation. By intelligently integrating renewable energy capture, efficient energy storage with compressed air, and a responsive Volan system, SHES addresses the limitations of renewable energy intermittency.
This innovative system not only maximizes the use of clean energy sources but also provides a dependable and consistent electrical output. Its adaptability to varying energy needs and environmental conditions positions it as a promising solution for a more sustainable model of energy production and consumption.