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Green Brand Awards

Road Energy – Green Brands AWards


ECOWAVE DYNAMIS, founded in 2020 and headquartered in Ikaria, and its strategic partner URBAN CAMEL, a strategic partner specialized in strategic research and innovation for the transition to the circular economy, were awarded the SILVER AWARD GREEN STARTUP: “URBAN CAMEL enabling ECOWAVE DYNAMIS” at the GREEN BRAND AWARDS 2023 ceremony.


The synergy of ECOWAVE DYNAMIS and URBAN CAMEL is to highlight the implementation and operation, but also the evaluation of Road Energy, a new technology developed by ECOWAVE DYNAMIS. This technology uses the unused mechanical (kinetic) energy of vehicles to produce continuous electrical energy. URBAN CAMEL undertook the mapping of the technology, i.e. how the technology works, its applications and its potential. It identified the social, economic and environmental benefits and finally assessed the contribution of ECOWAVE DYNAMIS to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals and its readiness for investment to facilitate the exploration of business and investment opportunities.

ECOWAVE DYNAMIS is the owner of the patented technology for converting wave energy into electricity. Its vision is to develop and produce sustainable energy technologies at low cost, thus contributing to the development of a low-cost, low-carbon energy mix.


The creative and team spirit that characterizes URBAN CAMEL and ECOWAVE DYNAMIS, combined with their scientific development skills, the development, evaluation, and promotion of new technological concepts, systems, sustainable and sustainable business models, but also in the use of advanced computing systems and analysis and artificial intelligence (AI), allows them to envision the transition to cyclical energy supply models. The two companies are planning the next phase of their collaboration aimed at refining, producing, and marketing Road Energy technology.


In 2022, URBAN CAMEL and ECOWAVE DYNAMIS participated in the BLUE DEAL Med Interreg innovation competition to promote blue energy technologies in Mediterranean countries. This was followed by interviews of the representatives of URBAN CAMEL and ECOWAVE DYNAMIS in the radio show Ecosystems on Channel 1 Piraeus, which was dedicated to the Greek entries in this competition.

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